PhD students

Elsa Wiley (2017-…) : Concevoir et évaluer un dispositif numérique de formation sur les troubles du spectre autistique pour les professionnels

Jordan Lombard (2015-…) : Annotation of documents with stylet on tablets and technology acceptance

Mylène Sanchiz (2014-…): Effects of aging and prior knowledge in information seeking with search engines into the Web.

photo3176Didier Blanqui (2014-…): Effects of multi-touch interaction with tablets on exploration learning

Sébastien Miravète (2011-2016): Examination of the 1st Gr students’ mental representations of numbers by experimentations on trainings fostering acquisition of conceptual representations of numbers that are expected consequently to improve arithmetic’s problem solving.


Marie Lacabanne (2011-2014): cognitive study of interactions between airline pilots and the Flight Management System (FMS) (general analysis of piloting tasks and an accurate description of the tasks involved in navigation to figure out the issues of split of attention and situation awareness).